Solutions and consultancy services for advanced gardening projects

The company’s services consist of four stages:

  • Design of the gardening infrastructure.
  • Establishing the gardening infrastructure.
  • Executing the gardening project (sowing and planting,irrigation, etc.).
  • Ongoing maintenance.
  • The company was established in 1997 by Richard Rozenbaum (Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew University, Rehovot), who has vast knowledge and years of experience in the design and implementation of gardening projects.

Since its establishment, the Richard Advanced Gardening Systems has acquired a very good reputation thanks to its professionalism, quality and the prestige of its projects.

Among the company’s customers are hotels, attorneys and architects firms, designers and many more, all of which want to display a high-quality, reputable image.

Richard Advanced Gardening Systems specializes in the translation of design ideas into reality – from the adaptation of the project’s infrastructure to the conditions of the environment, through the integration of the most suitable gardening techniques, to ongoing maintenance of the projects following completion.

The company uses the most advanced and reliable cultivation and infrastructure gardening techniques, and ensures that
garden plants grow in optimum conditions.

As a natural part of the service, Richard Advanced Gardening Systems remains close to the customer after implementation of the project, providing long-term warranty